Dear colleagues and friends,

On behalf of the entire conference organizing team, it gives us great pleasure to invite you to the2024 Asia Pacific Spatial Omics Technology (2024 APSOT): The Revolution of Insight-Driven Research, scheduled to take place May 23-25, 2024.

This is a moment of learning, a platform to inspire innovation. We have gathered here a diverse group of professionals from various fields to explore, share, and advance the latest research and academic achievements. We look forward to expanding our knowledge and deepening our understanding of current research areas through professional presentations and in-depth discussions during this conference.

We encourage you all to submit your work. We look forward to your scientific contribution to 2024 APSOT in Taipei, Taiwan, and thank you in advance for your support in making the meeting a success. Your participation enriches this conference and provides us with valuable insights and reflections. We hope that, amidst this enriching schedule, you will engage in thoughtful exchanges, spark ideas, and collaboratively contribute to a brighter future for research.

With best wishes,