Parallel Program


13:30-14:00   Registration

14:00-14:10    Welcome address: James Yang (National Taiwan University Cancer Center, Taiwan)
                           Welcome address: Pai-Chi Li (National Taiwan University,  

Parallel Session 1

Moderator: Chien-Yu Chen (National Taiwan University, Taiwan)

14:10-14:35    Suzuki Yutakai (The University of Tokyo, Japan)

‘Spatial Analysis for Elucidating Cancer Micro-environments’ (Video Presentations)

14:35-15:00    T. Tony Yang (National Taiwan University, Taiwan)

‘Spatial Analysis for Elucidating Cancer Micro-environments’

15:10-15:25     Yuan-Chung Cheng (National Taiwan University, Taiwan)

‘Elucidating Dynamics of Light Harvesting in Natural Photosynthesis: from Multiscale Molecular Simulation to Quantum Computing’


Parallel Session 2

Moderator: Hsueh-Fen Juan (National Taiwan University, Taiwan)

15:25-15:50    Akihiro Funamizu (The University of Tokyo, Japan)

                          ‘Artificial Neural Network for modeling mouse decision making’

15:50-16:15     Hsueh-Fen Juan (National Taiwan University, Taiwan)

                           ‘Advancing Drug Discovery: Targeting Metabolic Pathways in

 Cancer Therapy’

16:15-16:40    Kevin T. Chen (National Taiwan University, Taiwan)

                           ‘MR-Styled PET: Dual-modality Fusion for PET Image Enhancement’



09:10-09:30  MOU Signing Ceremony

Special Keynote

09:30-10:10   Katsuhiko Shirahige (The University of Tokyo, Japan)

                              ‘Basic principles of transcription studied through rare diseases’

10:10-10:35    Yuki Okada (The University of Tokyo, Japan)

                              ‘Isolation of Stage-Specific Spermatogenic Cells Using Histone Exchange and Application to Sperm Chromatin Dynamics Analysis’

10:35-11:00    Break

Parallel Session 3

Moderator: Jian-Da Lin (National Taiwan University, Taiwan)

11:00-11:25     Ryuichiro Nakato (The University of Tokyo, Japan)

                              ‘Computational pipelines for integrative analysis of multi-omics data’

11:25-11:50     Jian-Da Lin (National Taiwan University, Taiwan)

‘Revolutionize the Technologies for Single-Cell Multi-Omics Analysis’

11:50-12:15     Che Lin (National Taiwan University, Taiwan)

‘From Data to Discovery: The Impact of Large Language Models on Drug Target Affinity Prediction’

12:15-               Closing