Schedule (continuous update)


13:30-14:00   Registration

14:00-14:05  Warm-up act: Duncan Yi-Te Wang

14:05-14:10    Welcome address: James Yang

Plenary Session 1: Inventing Spatial Technology

Moderator: Ruby Yun-Ju Huang (National Taiwan University, Taiwan)

14:10-14:40    Jerry Jia-Ren Lin (Harvard Medical School, USA)

‘Multiplexed tissue imaging in translational research: from colorectal cancer to renal diseases’

14:40-15:10    Jung-Chi Liao (SYNCELL, Taiwan)

‘Microscopy-Guided Subcellular Protein Pulldown and Discovery of Novel Proteomes’

15:10-15:40    Shih-Yu Chen (Academia Sinica, Taiwan)

‘Decoding the Complexity of Cellular Heterogeneity with Multi-Omic Single-Cell Analysis’

15:40-15:50    Selected short talk 1-4


15:50-16:20    Panel discussion 1: How have we got this far?

                          Speakers: Ruby Yun-Ju Huang + Joe Beechem + Jung-Chi

Liao + Paul Rasmussen

16:20-17:00    Poster display + light bites

First Day closes



08:30-09:00  Registration

09:00-09:05  Open Day 2

Plenary Session 2 Spatial Technology in Tumor Heterogeneity

Moderator: Chiun Hsu (National Taiwan University Hospital, Taiwan)

09:05-09:35  Ramanuj Dasgupta (A*STAR, Singapore)

                          ‘Interrogating tumor evolution “in time and space’

09:35-10:05   Muh-Hwa Yang (National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University,


              ‘Spatial evolution throughout the progression of head and neck


10:05-10:35    Dai Wei (The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong)

‘Spatial Multi-Omics Study to Identify Risk Factors for Distant Metastasis in Epstein-Barr Virus-associated Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma’

10:35-11:00    Break

Plenary Session 3: Breakthrough in Spatial Multi-Omics

Moderator: Hsueh-Fen Juan (National Taiwan University, Taiwan)

11:00-11:35     Joseph Beechem (NanoString Technologies, USA)

‘Spatial Single Cell Whole Transcriptome Imaging (19000-plex) in Tissue and Fixed-Cells using CosMx Spatial Molecular Imaging’

11:35-12:05     Arutha Kulasinghe (Wesley Research Institute, Australia)

  ‘Ultra-deep tumour microenvironment profiling to discover biomarkers associated with response and resistance to therapy’

12:05-12:35    Nikhil Rao (10x Genomics, USA)

 ‘Combine the power of single cell & spatial to make the impossible, possible. That’s Xenium potential’


12:35-13:30    Lunch + Poster display

Plenary Session 4: Spatial Thinking in Study Design

Moderator: Che Lin (National Taiwan University, Taiwan)

13:30-14:00   Somponnat Sampattavanich (Siriraj Hospital & Mahidol

University, Thailand)

                              ‘Advancing Precision Medicine for Rare Cancers via Spatial Biology’

14:00-14:30   Chia-Lang Hsu (National Taiwan University Hospital, Taiwan)

‘Spatial transcriptome insights into the aggressiveness stratification in pre-invasive lung cancer’

14:30-14:45    Ya-Ling Hsu (Kaohsiung Medical University, Taiwan)

‘The investigation of tumor microenvironment: from and pre-metastatic niche to metastatic niche by multi-omics technique’

14:45-15:15     Break

Plenary Session 5: Transforming Pathology with Spatial Technology

Moderator: Yung-Ming Jeng (National Taiwan University Hospital, Taiwan)

15:15-15:45     Joe Poh Sheng Yeong (A*STAR and Singapore General Hospital, Singapore)

                              ‘Spatial-powered AI Pathology H&E 2.0: a New era’

15:45-16:15     Ruby Yun-Ju Huang (National Taiwan University, Taiwan)


16:15-16:25     Selected short talk 5-3


16:25-17:10     Poster display+ light bites

17:10-        Speakers’ Dinner

Second day closes



08:30-09:00  Registration

09:00-09:05  Open Day 3

Special Keynote 2

Moderator: Ruby Yun-Ju Huang (National Taiwan University, Taiwan)

09:05-10:00  Yu-Ju Chen (Academia Sinica, Taiwan)

                              ‘Nanoscale-to-Single Cell Proteomics by Chip-DIA Mass


Plenary Session 6Multi-Omics of the future

Moderator: Ruby Yun-Ju Huang (National Taiwan University, Taiwan)

Special Keynote 3

Moderator: Ruby Yun-Ju Huang (National Taiwan University, Taiwan)

10:00-10:30   Fiona Kaper (Illumina, USA)

                              ‘Accelerating Discoveries in Spatial Biology through the Illumina Ecosystem’

10:50-11:20    Xiaowei Zhuang (Havard University, USA)

                              ‘Spatially resolved single-cell genomics & cell atlas of the brain’

11:20-11:30     Selected short talk 6-3


11:30-11:40    Selected short talk 6-4


11:40-12:10    Panel discussion 2: Where do we go from here?

                          Speakers: Ruby Yun-Ju Huang + Arutha Kulasinghe +

Somponnat Sampattavanich + Ramanuj Dasgupta

12:10-12:15     Closing Remarks: Ruby Yun-Ju Huang

Social Event: Guided Tour of KAVALAN Whisky Distillery ( Voluntary participation )